Conversational Capacity:
The Secret to Building Successful Teams
That Perform When the Pressure Is On

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Influence in Action:
How to Build Your Conversational
Capacity, Do Meaningful Work, and
Make a Powerful Difference

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Build your conversational capacity
and that of your team with the

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Cultivate more purpose-driven and learning-focused
dialogue in the workplace

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Build stronger, smarter teams that
perform when the pressure is on

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Make every meeting or conversation smarter
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Improve your performance by treating
dialogue as a discipline

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Conversational Capacity

by Craig Weber

Conversational Capacity isn't just another aspect of effective teamwork—it defines it. A team that cannot talk about its most pressing issues isn't really a team at all. It's just a group of people that can't work together effectively when it counts.

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"“Every business school in the world should assign Conversational Capacity as required reading."

“Craig Weber has a gift for connecting what it means to build healthy relationships with the nuts and bolts of running an organization."

"Practical, effective, proven communication tools to get to the heart of issues and build team resilience."