The Conversational Capacity Assessment Process

To become different from what we are, we must have some awareness of what we are.
— Eric Hoffer

A Leadership Road Map

The conversational capacity assessment is a great way to pinpoint the challenges facing your organization and how you and your team can engage those challenges in a more constructive, concerted, and learning-focused way. The process provides an actionable guide – a leadership road map – for reaching higher and more sustainable levels of performance.

How Will We Use the Results?

If you want to increase the fit between the conversational behavior in your organization and the purpose of your organization, clearly identifying existing gaps is a good place to start. The Conversational Capacity Assessment locates the high-leverage opportunities for continuously improving your organization’s overall effectiveness.

  • First, we’ll identify the your key challenges and strategic objectives.
  • Second, we’ll assess the current level of conversational capacity and it’s impact on people and on the business.
  • Third, we’ll diagnose the high-leverage places in the organization where the fit between conversational behavior in the organization and the purpose of the organization is most important.
  • Fourth, we’ll explore ways you can build the conversational capacity of your team as you close the gaps.

How does it Work?

More rigorous than a simple survey, it is a diagnostic process of interviews, mapping, and feedback that helps you see the gaps between how people interact in your organization and the strategy of your organization. The process involves the following steps:

  • Interviews: We interview members of your team or organization.
  • Mapping: We take the information from the interviews and create a map that illustrates your core challenges and issues, the dominant patterns of behavior in your team or organization, and the impact of those patterns on both individual members of the organization and the performance of the organization itself.
  • Feedback: Once the map is complete we schedule a feedback session where your team works with our facilitators to explore, expand, and improve the map.
  • Plan: Using the map we design ways to increase the fit between patterns and purpose.

Whether you’re implementing a strategy, orchestrating change, fostering higher levels of engagement, focused on process improvement, or trying to increase performance in some other way, the Conversational Capacity Assessment is a great place to start. It provides a clearer picture of the goals and challenges you’re facing and how – and where – building your collective conversational capacity can help you engage them in a more focused and effective way.