Curious Accountability


In our workshops, consulting work, and coaching, we regularly ask people to share the toughest conversations they face in the workplace. “Conversations for holding people accountable” is always near the top of the list.

This is a problem. Workplaces with low accountability suffer from a range of issues:

  • Unclear or mistaken priorities
  • Fuzzy performance expectations
  • Lackluster performance
  • Lower engagement and morale
  • Stifled innovation and creativity
  • Excessive turnover
  • Cultural decay
  • Festering conflict

There is no way to build a high performance team without a high degree of accountability. But, despite its importance, holding people accountable – and being held accountable – are not experiences most people enjoy. Because of this, accountability conversations are often dreaded, avoided, or mishandled.

In this workshop participants will learn a refreshingly novel approach to creating relationships, projects, and teams with high accountability – an approach that is more practical, effective, and engaging.


Participant will learn how to

  • Craft accountability conversations that spark engagement, learning, and progress, rather than resentment, defensiveness, and stress.
  • Look forward to accountability conversations rather than shy away from them.
  • Approach accountability conversations with a clear and constructive mindset that keeps them focused on what matters.
  • Use these conversations as a way to build a healthier, stronger team, project, or organization.

Better still, as with all the other advanced courses, participants will learn to strengthen their conversational capacity as they increase accountability.


Works well in conjunction with these courses:

Length: 2 hours +
Format: Virtual or in-person

Craig Weber

Known for his impactful work and his engaging delivery, Craig Weber is a sought after speaker, author, and consultant. His pioneering ideas about conversational capacity and adaptive learning are outlined in his bestselling book, Conversational Capacity: The Key To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On (McGraw-Hill, 2013), his new book Influence in Action: How to Build Your Conversational Capacity, Do Meaningful Work, and Make a Powerful Difference (McGraw-Hill, 2019), and his popular Conversational Capacity eCourse.