The Conversational Capacity For Smart Team Leadership Workshop

Learn To Be A Smarter Team Leader
& To Build Smarter Teams

Would you like to improve your ability to do any of the following things?

  • Build a smarter and stronger team, project, or organization?
  • Increase the fit between the leadership needs of your organization and your leadership behavior?
  • Set up a new team or project for success?
  • Lead an organization facing tough challenges in a more focused, confident, and effective way?
  • Improve how people work together and communicate about tough challenges, in difficult circumstances, and across tricky boundaries?
  • Gear up fast in a new management role?
  • Dramatically improve your performance in your current role?
  • Inspire people with different personalities, ideas, cultural backgrounds, cognitive styles, and functional filters to work together effectively?
  • Boost the performance of an established team or project?
  • Increase the effectiveness of critical activities like running meetings, making decisions, solving problems, implementing strategy, resolving conflicts, and managing change?
  • Create “baton passes” between people and groups that function as smoothly as possible?
  • Create more effective working relationships with customers, suppliers, or partner organizations?
  • Create more alignment in your team by getting everyone on the same page, both strategically and behaviorally?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Conversational Capacity For Smart Team Leadership Workshop is for you. It’s designed to help anyone who wants to build and lead a healthy environment that is good for people, good for the organization, and good for the community.

What Is The Workshop About?

In today’s turbulent and unpredictable world, smart team leadership is more important and more challenging than ever. In this highly engaging workshop you’ll learn to apply the Conversational Capacity concepts and skills to the important work of setting up, leading, and improving teams and teamwork.

“Loyalty can no longer be obtained by the paycheque,” said Peter Drucker. “The organization must earn loyalty by proving its knowledge employees that if offers them exceptional opportunities for putting their knowledge to work.”

In this workshop you’ll learn how to do just that: to create an environment that encourages everyone to bring their A-game to the organization, and to create exceptional opportunities to put their knowledge and skills to work on the issues that really matter.

In this highly interactive learning-laboratory – useful for setting up a new team for success, or propelling an established team to a higher level of performance – you’ll find answers to two vital questions:

    1. How well does our leadership behavior fit with the leadership needs of the organization?

    2. And what can we do to create and sustain greater fit?

You’ll learn to recognize when your habitual reactions are getting in the way of your leadership and how to create greater “fit” between the needs of the organization and your leadership behavior. This is critical. Leadership, after all, is about making your organization smarter and stronger not dumber and weaker.

You’ll gain practical strategies and skills for how to build stronger teams, work relationships, projects, and organizations, and for creating a healthy work environment that is good for people, good for business (no matter what business you’re in), and good for the community. You’ll learn, in other words, how to be a smarter team leader and to build smarter teams.

Who Is It For?

“Your job is to make your team smarter and stronger not dumber and weaker.”

– Craig Weber

This course is designed to help anyone leading or managing a team who wants practical strategies for improving their performance and that of their organization: team leaders, managers, directors, administrators, and executives.

It is especially powerful when taken by intact leadership teams.

What You Will Gain

You’ll learn to improve your leadership, teamwork, and organizational performance by:

  • Gaining clarity about your role and how to perform it well.
  • Working with less distraction and more focus.
  • Creating greater “fit” between behavior, process, and strategy by getting people on the same page about what they’re working together to accomplish and HOW they’ll work together to accomplish it.
  • Deliberately creating an environment where everyone can bring their A-game to the challenges at hand.
  • Facilitating “adaptive learning” in the face of novel problems and messy challenges.
  • Cultivating an environment where smart people work smart.
  • Building an engine of teamwork that fires on all cylinders even under withering pressure.
  • Demonstrably improve the caliber of key activities such as meetings, decision-making, problem solving, change management, constructive feedback, and conflict resolution.
  • Transforming team differences (cultural, gender, hierarchal, personality, functional, etc.) from a source of conflict and weakness into a source of learning and strength.
  • Reducing interpersonal and inter-group nonsense that cripples performance
  • Sparking people to higher levels of creativity and effectiveness.
  • Doing all this as you increase your own conversational capacity and that of your team.

What You’ll Walk Away With

  • An inspiring and practical new framework for leading teams and organizations.
  • Solid leadership skills you can continue to practice and strengthen.
  • A Personal Plan for how to expand your leadership competence beyond the workshop.
  • A Team Plan for how to apply what you’ve learned to your important team activities – meetings, decisions, change, conflict, etc. – and to make those skills stick.
  • A blueprint for establishing a Conversational Code Of Conduct™ that fits the unique needs of your team or organization.

It’s Customizable

Facing unique issues and challenges? Want to tie this workshop to other development initiatives? We can tailor this course so it supports your other strategies and development goals.


Participants will be required to have completed the Conversational Capacity Workshop or the Conversational Capacity eCourse.

Workshop Size

This workshop can accommodate up to 20 people. (Even larger workshops are possible with some additional work and cost. Contact us for details).

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