The Conversational Capacity® Workshop

Need To Build Your Conversational Capacity?

  • Are you up against significant changes or challenges that require your organization or team to perform at its best?

  • Do you feel like you’re not getting the best work out of your team?

  • Are there undiscussable issues festering in the hallways? Important issues on which you’re not getting traction? Do you suffer from conversations that spark more defensiveness and dysfunction than learning and progress?

  • Do you worry that the challenges you’re facing may overwhelm your team’s capacity for dealing with them?

  • Or is your organization performing well but you’d like to boost its capacity for working effectively when the heat is on?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, the Conversational Capacity Workshop can help.

What Is The Workshop About?

Conversational capacity refers to a team’s ability to engage in open, balanced, nondefensive dialogue about difficult subjects and in challenging circumstances. A team with high conversational capacity can perform well, remaining on track even when dealing with their most troublesome issues. A team lacking that capacity, by contrast, can see their performance derail over a minor disagreement. This capacity isn’t just another aspect of effective teamwork – it defines it.

As our world grows more complex and less predictable the ability to work together effectively under pressure is a pivotal competence that separates those who struggle from those who succeed. The more challenging the situation we’re facing the higher the conversational capacity we need to deal with it well.

Drawing on respected research in leadership studies, business management, psychology, and neuroscience, the Conversational Capacity Workshop shows participants how to build healthier, more adaptive teams and working relationships. Highly practical, the ideas have been tested and refined in a host of tough organizational settings. They work.

We Can Help

We can help you develop skills that help teams, departments, projects, or organizations work smarter, faster, and together under pressure. We can show you how to foster responsibly rigorous teamwork characterized by less strife and more collaboration; less rigidity and more dexterity; less defensiveness and more learning; less frustration and more fun.

And here’s the best part: you’ll learn these skills as you apply them to the issues that really matter.

The Conversational Capacity Workshop

Eminently pragmatic, the full-day workshop offers actionable frameworks, application questions, and helpful “tool kits” that help participants bring greater awareness and discipline to their important interactions with others.

The workshop is facilitated in a fun and engaging way. Participants walk away with a set of practical concepts and skills they can immediately apply, and they learn these skills in a highly interactive, often humorous, session. Memorable stories, quotes, and activities help bring the key concepts to life. It’s not an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all training experience. It’s a boutique workshop tailored to your issues.

The learning is facilitated by accomplished professionals with a deep knowledge of, and rich experience with, the underlying research and core skills – not by smooth-talking trainers who’ve merely memorized a training manual.

  • It has instant and demonstrable impact. The goal is to have an instant and escalating impact on team performance. Participants often demonstrate the value of the skills by using them before the workshop has even ended.
  • It has staying power. We help you develop both personal and team plans for growing your competence and making the skills stick.
  • It’s not a panacea – the organizational development equivalent of a get-rich-quick scheme. It takes work. But the upside is that if you’re willing to put in the effort, it works.

What Will You Gain?

A Shared Focus

  • Get people on the same page about WHAT they’re working together to achieve and HOW they’re working together to achieve it
  • Unify your people around a shared goal – building and working in a more healthy, sustainable, and effective environment

Greater Confidence

  • In your team’s ability to work brilliantly under pressure
  • In your ability to think and learn together to address really tough problems
  • In the decisions you’re making and in your ability to implement them
  • In your capacity to deal with difficult issues and stressful circumstances in a vigorous, balanced, learning-focused way

More Agility

  • Think smarter, faster, and together in the face of adaptive challenges
  • Adjust to change in a more deliberate, healthy, and resilient manner
  • Weather turbulent circumstances with more focus, skill, and broad-mindedness

Better Performance

  • Acquire skills that demonstrably strengthen the problem solving and decision-making capacity of individuals and work groups
  • Foster a culture that encourages people to bring their A-game to the enterprise
  • Cultivate interpersonal and team dynamics that are increasingly open, rigorous, balanced, and respectful

A Distinct Advantage

  • You gain a huge advantage over less disciplined teams by cultivating the capacity to think more clearly, quickly, and collaboratively when it counts

Who Should Attend?

The workshop is perfect for anyone dealing with difficult people or tough problems. It improves the performance of individuals, intact teams, or the interface between groups, including external relationships such as with client, supplier, or partner organizations. In short, it’s perfect anyplace you want to improve team, business, or leadership performance.

The Workshop Format

The first part of this interactive full-day workshop focuses on the concept of Conversational Capacity, what it is, why it’s so critical, and what tends to restrict it. The highly interactive discussion is designed to help participants tie the concepts to their own unique experiences and challenges, and to clearly recognize how they and others may be unintentionally behaving in ways that limit the conversational capacity of their work relationships.

The second part of the workshop focuses on how to build conversational capacity. We’ll explore a specific set of skills and a unique mindset to guide them. Interactive discussions, role-plays, and break out working sessions will help participants apply this new approach to their daily work lives (and beyond). To ensure that the skill building and application persists beyond the workshop, additional readings will be provided, as well as specific, customized suggestions for how to increase the team’s conversational capacity over time.

Suggested Readings

Want to Learn More?

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