Approach to Conversational Capacity

We improve your team’s performance by strengthening its ability to address your most pressing challenges.

Our unique approach centers on building your Conversational Capacity® – the ability to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue about difficult subjects, in challenging circumstances, and across tough boundaries.

It’s a pivotal competence. A team with high conversational capacity can perform well and remain on track when dealing with their most troublesome issues. A team with low conversational capacity, by contrast, can be derailed by a minor disagreement.

Consider how quickly and consistently your team or organization handles problems:

  • Are people able to raise their hand and call attention to their concerns and opportunities for improvement, or do they hold back for fear of the reactions they’ll provoke?
  • How quickly and effectively are problems addressed once they are raised?

  • How much money and morale would you save if you improved how your team did both?

Our work helps people build teams, projects, and organizations with the following characteristics:

  • Resilience: They weather adversity and engage tough challenges with greater focus, confidence, and presence of mind.
  • Competence: They more skillfully implement plans, projects, strategy, and change because they solve problems and make decisions with more speed, clarity, and efficacy.
  • Agility: They adapt to shifting circumstances more deliberately and proficiently.
  • Health: They’re more humane and effective, because they actively cultivate an environment that is good for people and for business (no matter what business they’re in).
  • Fairness: They conduct their business in a fair, transparent, and meritocratic way.
  • Commitment: They generate more robust engagement, which leads to higher levels of internal commitment to the organization and its objectives.
  • Excellence: They create a culture that not only attracts the best and the brightest people, but also encourages them to work at their best and their brightest.