The Alliance

In a dynamic world where complexity and change seems to increase by the day, teams of every kind need to boost their ability to think smarter, faster, and together. Bridging the topics of leadership, team building, and dialogue, The Weber Consulting Group shows clients how to dramatically improve not just how they communicate, but how they influence, collaborate, manage, and lead.

An alliance of world-class experts who specialize in mutually reinforcing aspects of adaptive leadership, management development, and teamwork, we provide robust strategies that help our clients tackle their most important challenges in a highly agile, productive, learning-focused manner.

Our alliance includes:

  • Craig Weber: Craig helps people and teams dramatically improve their performance by treating dialogue as a discipline. His unique work connects what it means to build healthy work relationships with the nuts and bolts of creating and leading great organizations. A sought after speaker and consultant, Craig’s ground-breaking ideas are outlined in his bestselling book, Conversational Capacity: The Secret To Building Successful Teams That Perform When The Pressure Is On (McGraw-Hill, 2013), and the sequel, Influence In Action: How To Build Your Conversational Capacity, Do Meaningful Work, and Make a Powerful Difference (McGraw-Hill, 2019). He works with leaders and teams from every kind of organization: business, education, healthcare, and government, faith-based organizations, community groups, and nonprofits. Click here to learn more.

  • Jason Weber: Jason serves as the COO of The Weber Consulting Group. He has the unique experience of growing up exposed to the ideas of conversational capacity and adaptive learning and now uses that experience as he helps people and teams from an impressive range organizations and industries build their conversational capacity. He helps with strategy, planning, video design and production, online content, internal advising and consulting, and research. Educated as a nurse, Jason brings both a sharp technical mind and excellent social skills to his role.

  • Randy Weber: Randy has worked with Conversational Capacity concepts and skills for over two decades, co-facilitating workshops and providing invaluable editorial assistance to the writing of both Conversational Capacity and Influence in Action. With a BA in History from UC Berkeley and a MA in Education from USC, Randy’s primary research and practice has focused on teaching elementary school children the basics of Conversational Capacity. Based on this work, Randy and Craig are co-authoring a new book, tentatively titled Conversational Capacity in the Classroom, to help educators apply the discipline to their demanding work environment and to teach the basic concepts to students.

  • Brendan Croucher: Brendan Croucher, of Footbridge Consulting in Brisbane Australia, has honed his skills through 20 years of working with leadership and management teams across multiple industries, helping them make progress in three core areas.1. Clarifying purpose and aspiration. 2. Diagnosing current reality. 3. Identifying leadership and teamwork required to bridge the gap between them. (And bridging the gap almost always includes building their conversational capacity.) Boeing Defence Australia’s first Organizational Development Manager from 2004 – 2006, Brendan oversaw the development of their inaugural leadership program. Passionate about animal welfare, he has volunteered at RSPCA Queensland, where he has worked with the animals at Dakabin Animal Care Campus since 2005 (fostering over 50 dogs in that time) and provided extensive pro bono executive coaching and team development work since 2006. (

  • Chris Soderquist: Chris Soderquist helps people and teams approach their most pressing challenges with more focus and force. He does this in three ways: diagnosis, intervention,and capacity building.

    Chris has developed the field of systemic intelligence – SysQ – the capacity to apply tools and concepts of systems thinking to design high leverage interventions for addressing real-world problems. His unique work elevates traditional “systems thinking” into a discipline that is easier to learn, easier to apply, and more impactful.

    Chris has applied his SysQ work on a wide range of projects with clients such as MIT, Pfizer, The United Nations, Boeing, the Gates Foundation, The World Bank, Northwestern Mutual, Fannie Mae, The World Economic Forum, the Department of Health and Human Services, The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, the Georgia Health Policy Center at Georgia State University, PepsiCo, The Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, Colorado Health Foundation,Hewlett-Packard, Fairbanks School of Public Health at Indiana University.

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  • Frank Barrett: Frank J. Barrett, PhD is the author of the pioneering book, Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz (Harvard Business Review Press, 2012). He is also the Professor of Management and Global Public Policy in the Graduate School of Business and Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. His unique work shows that — like skilled jazz players — leaders need to master the art of unlearning, perform and experiment simultaneously, take turns soloing and supporting each other, and provoke their teams to higher levels of competence.An active jazz pianist, Frank leads his own trios and quartets, and has traveled extensively in the United States, England, and Mexico with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra.

  • Jan Wilmott: Jan Wilmott is a results-focused global executive with over 30 years of HR leadership and coaching across multiple industries and cultures. He’s held executive leadership positions with four Fortune 50 firms: McDonnell Douglas, Boeing, UBS, and Royal Bank of Canada. Jan works with organizations and individuals in the areas of executive coaching, leadership development, talent management, and succession planning to create custom designed executive development systems, strategies and programs that are fully aligned to your business strategy. (

  • Greg Whicker: Greg Whicker is a visual facilitation specialist from Santa Barbara, California whose skillful use of visual language helps organizations such as Kaiser Permanente, Red Bull, and the United Way to see their “big picture” and map out strategies for moving forward in a clear and concerted way. He specializes in creating immersive visual experiences that boost engagement, enhance collaboration, facilitate learning, and add fun. (

  • Beth Bratkovic: The author of Leadership & Rock and Roll (AuthorHouse, 2010), and the founder of KIS-Keepin’ It Simple Consulting, Beth Bratkovic provides leadership and organization development from effective coaching models to change management and meeting facilitation. Her clients describe her as inspiring and motivational, and will encourage people to step outside of their comfort zones and experience learning in a whole new way. (!about-kis/c10m2)
  • The Ken Blanchard Companies: Conversational Capacity® is being used to improve performance – of both individuals and teams – in a growing list of organizations around the world. To meet this escalating demand, Craig Weber has partnered with The Ken Blanchard Companies to create the Conversational Capacity course, which was released in July of 2020 and is now one of their core programs. The Ken Blanchard Companies® is the global leader in management training. For nearly 40 years, Blanchard® has been creating the best managers in the world. They are the provider of choice by Fortune 500 companies as well as small to medium businesses, governments, and educational and nonprofit organizations. (