Just because you can’t meet face-to-face doesn’t mean the learning has to stop!

Conversational Capacity is a high-impact, fast-effect discipline that is immediately applicable and yet can fill a lifetime with practice. It’s a core competence for people and teams who need to bolster their ability to work well under pressure.

Craig Weber makes a convincing case that the most important skill we can cultivate as leaders – the most game-changing, life-changing, world-changing thing we can learn – is the ability to have better conversations in difficult circumstances.
And then he shows us how to do it.

Chris Koch
Chief Marketing Officer, Banyan Communications

Conversational capacity refers to the ability – of an individual or a team – to work in the “sweet spot,” that place in a conversation where candor and courage is balanced with curiosity and humility. This is where the best teamwork occurs, especially when we’re dealing with tough issues or in high-stress situations.

Virtual options

Building on research in leadership studies, business management, psychology, and neuroscience, we can help you strengthen your ability to work in the sweet spot under pressure, and in the process build stronger, more adaptive organizations and working relationships. We provide three virtual learning options for building your conversational capacity and that of your team:

Craig Weber has a gift for connecting what it means to build healthy relationships with the nuts and bolts of running an organization.

Rob McKenna, Ph.D.,
Executive Director, The Center for Leadership Research & Development

The Workshops

All our workshops can be delivered virtually and they can be customized to fit the unique needs and challenges of your team or organization, and to support key initiatives, strategies, or development work.

  • The Conversational Capacity Workshop: We can facilitate a virtual version of this renowned course to help you and your team build your conversational capacity while doing meaningful work that improves the performance of your organization.
  • The Smart Team Leadership Workshop: This workshop is leaders and leadership teams who want to deepen their conversational capacity as work to do the following things:
    • Increase the fit between the leadership needs of your organization and your leadership behavior
    • Lead an organization facing tough challenges in a more focused, confident, and effective way
    • Build a smarter and stronger team, project, or organization

Participants walk away from both courses with both a Personal Plan for how they’ll build their personal conversational capacity and an Application Plan for how they’ll apply the learning to improve the performance of meetings, decision-making, key work relationships, and other important activities. These courses are particularly powerful when combined with Craig Weber’s two books, Conversational Capacity and Influence in Action, as well as personal Conversational Capacity Coaching.

The eCourse

You can build your own conversational capacity and that of your team with the Conversational Capacity eCourse. This, engaging, flexible, self-paced program is a popular way to share the core concepts and skills about conversational capacity with your team and organization. Each member of your team or organization can complete the course at their own pace, and each person works on a personal plan for building their conversational capacity.


The conversational capacity discipline is more than just good ideas – it is a set of practical skills for putting those ideas to work. And acquiring a skill requires practice (if you don’t need practice to acquire something it’s not a skill – it’s just an idea). Conversational Capacity Coaching: is designed to help people who have read the books, attended a workshop, or completed the eCourse and who want to hone their ability to stay in the sweet spot in a more direct and tailored way. The focus of the coaching is on helping them with both their Personal Plan and their Application Plan. Conversational Capacity Coaching will help you customize your practice so you can sharpen your ability to stay in the sweet spot when it counts.

Combination: Workshops+ eCourse + Coaching

Conversational capacity is a genuine discipline and it takes practice to build it. Many clients find the most powerful approach to this learning is to combine options. They have teams attend a workshop or take the eCourse and then provide team members Conversational Capacity Coaching to deepen the learning and application.

Others clients use the virtual workshops and coaching for senior and mission critical teams, and then – to create a shared set of concept, values, and behaviors throughout the business – they use the eCourse to expand the learning to other teams.

Contact us today if you have any questions, would like additional information, or want to schedule a time to talk.

Praise for the Work

Success in today’s complex world requires agile and resilient teams. Craig Weber’s work on Conversational Capacity provides practical tools to develop and empower people to meet these adaptive challenges. It’s an immensely powerful framework for leaders building collaborative teams and organizations.

Lee Davis
General Manager, Rheinmetall Defence Australia.

It is a crazy world we live in, and we need a very different set of tools, techniques, and principles to navigate the unpredictable terrain and actually contribute positively to solving tough problems and shaping organizational life and our wider world. These are exciting and compelling ideas that you can use immediately to be a force for good and a dynamic change agent in business, government, or community life.

Dr. Dean Williams
Faculty Chair, The Global Change Agent program, Harvard Kennedy School
Author of Real Leadership and Leadership For A Fractured World

Weber reminds us that conversation is perhaps the most powerful tool we have at our disposal in creating positive relationships and productive teams.

Frank Barrett, PhD
Author of Yes To The Mess: Surprising Lessons In Leadership From Jazz, and the professor of Management and Organizational Behavior at the Naval Postgraduate School

Only organizations that are agile and can adapt quickly will survive in the future. Conversational Capacity shows leadership teams how to do just that — to think actively and adapt quickly.

Mark Milliner
CEO, Personal Insurance, Suncorp